The III UN Financing for Development Conference will take place in July 2015. In this context, the WWG on FfD is intended to be an extensive arena for networking, strategizing and alliance building on FfD related issues, bringing a feminist and women’s rights perspective to the discussions and deliberations ahead of the III International Conference on FfD. Thus, the role and mandate of the WWG on FfD will be to:

  • Share analysis on FfD related issues, bringing to the discussions transformative women’s rights, human rights and feminist perspectives and recommendations;
  • Develop common advocacy and policy positions and messaging on FfD and strategise for proactive inclusion in the process;
  • Share information related to the FfD process including on key opportunities for feminist and women’s rights organizations and groups engagement;
  • Network with the broader feminist, civil society organizations and coalitions working on FfD particularly the Addis Ababa CSO Coordinating Group, as well as with UN agencies, and regional and global institutions;
  • Coordinate with other women’s platforms active in interlinking UN processes.