You too can become a successful woman!

Do you think of yourself as a successful-enough woman? Success may not be easy to evaluate. Probably each of us has a different notion of it as each of us has a different personality. Nevertheless, there are some general rules which help achieve your personal success and finally feel fulfilled.

1. Remember that perfectionism “kills”. You cannot be perfect in the smallest details always and everywhere. It is just impossible to do everything ideally. Perfectionism takes your time, energy and often leaves you disappointed. Allow yourself, and other people, to be fallible.

2. Failure is a part of success. If J.K. Rowling had not stuck to this rule, we would not have the great series of Harry Potter books and films. Her idea had been rejected 12 times before she got what she wanted!

3. Love what you do. Passion towards something can lead you to success in a pleasant way. Doing something you are fond of does not create this common feeling of having hard, terrible work to do again.

4. Be surrounded by people who are supportive. It concerns especially your life partner. Avoid men who deprive you of energy and enthusiasm. Your partner should understand your situation and provide some support or help in case they are needed.

5. Believe in your success. It is crucial since only faith and confidence in yourself can help you survive the unavoidable difficulties and overcome the obstacles. If you do not believe in yourself, then who will? Avoid comparisons and be jealous only in a positive way – to fire your aspirations up.

6. You must be prepared for taking risk. No risk, no gain – you must leave your safe area from time to time. In order to achieve something you must take risk. Do not be reckless, though. All you do should be calculated and thought over before.

7. Take care of yourself. No matter how rushed you are, you need to find some time for being alone, to have a break and take care of your physical condition. Time for your mind and body is a must. Without it they will give up the cooperation with you, which means only trouble. Remember: sport helps relieve stress and exercises both your body and character.

8. Do not expect to do everything you want in your life. If your “to-do” list is too long, you carry the huge burden every day. Do not be too ambitious, you do not have to be successful in everything.

9. Become a boss. The higher post, the higher control. Becoming a boss will give you the power to establish your own rules and create the conditions you desire.

10. Show your gratitude to the others. Do not forget about people who work for your success too. Achieving success without help of other people is almost impossible. Oprah Winfrey showed her gratitude by taking all her employees (with families) on a cruise. You do not have to be so generous of course, yet remember that an appreciated employee is a more committed employee.