Powerful businesswomen’s secrets of success

Many of us women, seeing a successful female colleague ask this question: HOW is she doing this? No wonder it is bothering us, since most of people, not only women, want to achieve business success and be able to manage it well. Why not all of us are so successful then? There must be something which predestines people to great success or failure. Or to being just average businessman/businesswoman.

When it comes to women, they have left home a long time ago. Nowadays, they are becoming more and more bold in business area. We can list many examples of successful businesswomen who are the source of inspiration for the rest.

If they very so lucky to discover the key to success , why don’t they share a bit of the mystery? In this article we present views of two powerful women who seem competent in this topic – Gail McGovern and Nancy Koehn. What is behind businesswomen’s success?

McGovern answered the question in her talk for Harvard Business School a few years ago. According to her, there are five important factors influencing leadership success.  One of them is a balance between personal life and work. Then, she mentioned also the ability to become, first, a magnet and then a good motivator for the best people.

And the other factors were: being open for changes, persistent, and reasonable in making any business decisions. She emphasized that the process of making a decision must be led by “what is good for the business” argument. Try to focus on what can be really profitable, not on the opinions of the others. Making smart decisions create your person as more trustworthy and righteous in the eyes of yours and your coworkers, which turns out to be really important.

Nancy Koehn’s talk at the conference focused on women’s history in business which helped create a picture of many future possibilities. She drew the attention to the very beginnings of women working outside homes. These were textile factories which opened the business door for women.

Such a job must have been hard and monotonous, but still it was giving women the feeling of power to control their lives. After that turning point, women had to overcome numerous obstacles before the business became their possible way of life. Thanks to their difficult struggle, many other women gained a precious inspiration and approval that female success is possible so it is worth the effort of changing life.

The group of “power-seekers” includes, for example, Celeste Walker who despite being a child of slaves became the first African-American millionaire with her hair-care empire or Coco Chanel who started a huge revolution in fashion.

Both McGovern and Koehn tried to show that there are many possibilities for women. The notion of a personal success can be different for each of us, yet still we share the need of both awareness that we are the best versions of ourselves at this certain moment, and work for the best ourselves in the future.