I’m a woman. How can I get into finances?

Researches show that women tend to avoid the topics related to finances. Money and investments seem to be excluded from their area of interests and are considered rather a “man thing”. However, as life shows women are capable of managing finances well and it is rather their own wrong belief that causes a low self-confidence in this area and fear of investments and financial matters .

Nonetheless, it is not only the matter of interests. Women should be able and willing to take care of their money for their own good. Our life situation can suddenly change. Becoming a widow or a divorcee will automatically impose the obligation of dealing with finances on a woman. Being totally unprepared for such circumstances may bring a great amount of stress and bad decisions which will influence their future negatively.

This article proposes some advice helping women to get involved in the world of money and start being more bold in investing.

Do not be too eager and start with the basics

Rummage through the Internet for some basic knowledge (if you prefer talking and contact to people you may as well visit a professional adviser). Do not think of investing as a thing not for you just because you are a woman. It only seems to be so difficult because you are not familiar with the topic. It changes when you overcome the first most discouraging fears.

Using the help of a financial professional will make the process less complicated and stressful for you. You can discuss any questions with him or her. But before you start, it is important to get on well with the person you have chosen. Look for a person who is a good listener and teacher at the same time.

Apart from visiting professionals, try to find a person (it can be a friend or a family member) who will be your motivator and partner for discussion. Remember to talk to your spouse or partner about finances on a regular basis.

Use the Internet

The Internet can be a good source of information as well as motivation for you. One possibility is to follow a blog connected with women and their financial management. Other options are Twitter – follow investing companies, or FinCon where you can join a community of investing women.

Make use of workshops at work

If you have such a possibility try to utilize any workshops provided by your employer. It is a great chance to increase your financial knowledge.


Women should ignore their inner negative assumptions about their financial management abilities. They are usually much more talented in this matter than they think. If they can save, they can also invest. The problem lies in the lack of basic knowledge which is crucial if one wants to feel more confident in any area. Besides, women need to start talking about finances in order to find solutions to their problems and answer all questions arising. Take action immediately and stop making excuses. It will pay off.