How to keep the fleeing women on?

Companies need women in their crew, and if the female employees keep resigning from posts, it can be a sign that firm’s direction should be changed for more woman-friendly. Businesses need to create such conditions which attract female workers and discourage them from leaving for competitors or self-employment.

It is worthwhile, especially now when the UK closes the borders for immigration and, thus, a lot of talented candidates. What action should be taken in order to make everyone satisfied in this game?

Fair gratitude

The matter of payment is crucial in the problem. Financial discrimination is a frequent bone of contention in the discussion about fair work-conditions for hired women. Being paid less than a man for the same work is a justified source of women’s disagreement and resignation. The only way to avoid this problem is to ensure that all your workers are paid even-handedly, regardless of their sex.

Fair evaluation

This is the next issue you must consider and take care of. If you observe differences between male and female workers’ performance or promotion, find out if the evaluation process concerning women’s performance is carried out properly.

Support progress

Putting women on top positions do not solve the real problem in the long run – it is the equal number of female and male workers progressing throughout the organization which brings help for the “roots”.

Support diversity

The example should be given from the top. Gender diversity in the organization need to be advocated by the leaders in the first place. It is their obligation to ensure that women and men are treated equally, irrespective of sex and stereotypes.

Promote flexible working

This can be a great encouragement for women with families. In fact, also for men. Flexible working should be regarded as beneficial and assented. And again, the example needs to come from the top so as to make it work. Sometimes, finish job earlier and go to see a school match – the rest should know this kind of work flexibility is not unwelcome.

Give international opportunities

International work experience is necessary for good career development. Excluding a female worker from such chances because of the fact she has children, is a mistake. Surely, this might be a trouble for mothers to leave country and work abroad. Yet, you can offer some modified options like short term/split-base assignments or those with international remit.

Health and wealth needs

When women exceed the age of 45 the issue of health problems, of both their own and their family, becomes significant. The needed support provided by employers can help them overcome the difficulties easier, and with less damage to their career.

Mothers coming back

So as to avoid losing female employees who have recently become mothers, companies must develop a certain strategy to make them eager to return. One of the most obvious ways to achieve this is creating the beneficial conditions of maternity leave and encouraging women to “be in the swim” also when they are away. After that, providing some training can help go back to the work reality more smoothly.