Female entrepreneurial spirit invincibly growing in power

The last 15 years brought a great increase of female activity in business making. The number of businesses run by women is growing very fast and they are likely to provide at least 5 million jobs by 2018. It is a very good prognosis which proves that women are growing in self-confidence and self-reliance.

Nevertheless, women own only 30 percent of the companies worldwide, thus, they still have a lot to achieve. And this is the business world which definitely needs more female engagement. Why? We can observe that having a woman on the executive team helps the company. Such businesses led by mixed-gender boards are more likely to have Series A valuations higher by even 64%.

Motivation, support and some source of inspiration is needed. Women should know what potential they tend to hide. Below, we present the gradual growth of female power in the business world. Get inspired and start to rule your own world!

Where are women in the business world?

As soon as the Equal Credit Act was passed in 1974, women started to make huge steps into the world of entrepreneurship. Approving the equality of sexes has finally opened the door of business for female part of the society. After that the situation was only better. Nowadays, there are 9 million companies owned by women in the USA. By 2018, as many as 5 – 5.5 million jobs will be created by female small businesses.

Women’s companies present a 1.5 times faster growth than other small businesses and since 2007 women have been leading in the growth of private companies. The situation of female businesses remained stable even during the economic downturn in the years 2007-2012. As it was stated above, women own 30% of companies in the world and 1 in 5 firms generating at least $1 million revenue belongs to a woman. 38% of workers for whom their self-employment is the main source of earnings are women.

Which states turned out to be the best environment for female owners?

The highest number of self-employed women has Oregon with 45.4% of workers . In Las Vegas, Nevada, 26% of venture-backed companies have at least one female founder. Other states with the highest number of female owners are Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Examples of powerful women

As the next good motivator we provide a few examples of very successful female founders.

Julia Hartz – Eventbrite – working since 2006, makes money on connecting people for events and selling tickets.

Lynn Jurich – SunRun – started in 2007, works on providing affordable sun energy.

Adi Tatarko – Houzz – a home design website founded in 2009.

Jin Sook Chan – Forever 21 –the U.S. fashion retailers chain founded in 1984.

Women have become very important players in the business game. They provide many new thoughts, ideas and also ways of governing companies. Gender diversity in businesses influences them positively, helps develop new strategies and attempts, which is invaluable in the process of growth.