Who are intraday traders

There is a variety of intraday traders called scalpers. This type of trading has high risk but potentially can bring extremely high returns on investment (ROI). Intraday scalping is most often based on technical analysis and on indicators such as moving averages, convergence/divergence of moving averages (MACD), oscillators, Fibonacci sequences, etc. Transactions usually open for a few minutes or seconds.

Intraday traders typically buy and sell financial instruments throughout the day. This type of trading is not limited to stocks. Traders can buy and sell options, currencies, futures. Usually, a position opens for a few minutes or seconds, and the same stock can be bought and sold several times a day.

By definition, an intraday trade opens and closes in one day. Therefore, all positions are usually liquidated before the end of the auction, in order to avoid unexpected night market movements and an increase in margin requirements. Thus, traders avoid the risks typical of a long-term buy and hold approach.

Institutional traders work for financial institutions and have a number of advantages due to access to resources, equipment, funds and financial leverage, the inflow of fresh money (they allow you to constantly trade in the markets), high-speed communication with exchanges and data centers, expensive trading and analytical software, support, etc. All this gives them a certain advantage over individual traders.

Individual intraday traders work for themselves or in partnership with friends. Usually, they risk their own money, although sometimes they use others. Laws limit the amount of other people’s money that an individual trader can manage. Although this is not required, almost all traders use the services of direct access brokers, as they offer the fastest access to stock exchanges and excellent trading platforms.

Intraday trading requires a significant amount of time. For traders of this type, it is the main occupation – they spend the whole day at the computer, buying and selling stocks. Such frequent trading is justified only for intraday traders – in their trading decisions they rely on analysis, not on emotions.

The goal of a day trader is to make money on small movements in the price of highly liquid stocks or indices. Volatile markets are more interesting for speculators of this type, regardless of the long-term trend or direction. Some stock managers and investors open positions for a long time and avoid short sales. In contrast, intraday traders are not tied to positions and can adapt to any market condition.

To succeed, the intraday trader needs to combine the relevant knowledge, equipment, tools, understanding of the markets with the experience of using the electronic trading platform. In addition, he should decide which papers to trade, when to open and close a position, how to find stocks with sufficient liquidity and volatility.

Awesome Bitcoin How to buy tickets for cryptocurrency

The May holidays have already arrived, which means that summer will come soon – a hot time for vacations. But most of those who go on a trip face the same problem – currency exchange. You have to 1) decide in advance exactly how much money to change 2) take care of their safety (hide in a suitcase/wallet/ passport) 3) and, of course, pay the bank a fee for the exchange. But the emergence of Bitcoin (and its increased popularity) has changed everything.

The tourism industry has succeeded noticeably in the implementation of cryptocurrencies. However, there are not too many airlines that accept bitcoins (EXANTE Bitcoin) directly. Here are the most popular ones. (What to do if you did not find the company you are interested in in this list – read below.)

This Latvian company became the first airline to start accepting bitcoins. The innovation was introduced in July 2014, when Bitcoin alone cost about $ 600. Today, for cryptocurrency, you can buy tickets to 60 destinations, including Europe, the Middle East, the CIS countries and Russia. A bonus in 2018, analysts from OAG called airBaltic the most punctual airline in the world.

Star Jets International began accepting bitcoins in October 2017. This American company leases business jets for private flights. Domestically, customers have access to 5 thousand jets and about 15 thousand jets all over the world.

In December 2017, the California-based airline Surf Air announced the possibility of making payment for membership fees and charter services in bitcoins and ethers. This carrier operates according to the “all you can fly” model – for a monthly subscription, passengers can travel as much as they like.

In March 2018, Far Eastern Air, a carrier from Taiwan, also switched to bitcoins. Remember this company if you are thinking of traveling in East and Southeast Asia. Far Eastern Air flies to Japan, China, Cambodia, the Philippines, South Korea, and, of course, Taiwan.

TAR is a small Mexican carrier. The airline fleet of this company consists of only 12 aircraft that fly to 25 cities in Mexico. But here they accept Bitcoins – thanks to the cooperation with companies such as Openpay and BitPay.

If you have not found the airline you are interested in on this list, you still have the opportunity to buy its tickets for cryptocurrency – with the help of specialized agencies. In addition to tickets, you can book hotels or rent a car (also for Bitcoins). Here are the most popular of these companies.

If these options do not suit you, we offer two more ways to go on a journey for Bitcoins. However, they are suitable only for very wealthy people.

For example, the cheapest flight from Moscow to New York on a light turboprop aircraft will cost you $ 32,580 (and this does not include an intermediate landing for refueling). The most expensive option – with renting a whole airliner – will cost $ 197,080.

The cost of a ticket for shorter flights, of course, will be lower. So, traveling from London to Paris (one of the most popular destinations) on a light jet will cost only $ 4,100. Note prices are in dollars, but the company offers the possibility of payment using bitcoins.

The second option is even more extravagant because here we are talking about tickets … into space! Of course, Richard Branson could not stay away from cryptocurrency. Back in 2013, he invited everyone to go to orbit on the Virgin Galactic shuttle. The ticket costs 36 BTC (250 thousand dollars). The Winklevoss brothers have already ordered SpaceShipTwo tickets. The price seems to be quite adequate for a flight to height, from which you can see the Earth in all its glory and splendor.

What will the tokenization of social networks lead to

In the past six months, quite a lot of news has appeared that a social network is about to launch its cryptocurrency. When it comes to the use of blockchain technologies in social networks, most often you can hear that they are trying to jump into the outgoing train.

However, in the conditions of the modern development of technology and applicability of the blockchain, one can certainly say that this will most likely be a new stage in the cryptocurrency market than a missed opportunity. In this article, I will try to understand what cryptocurrencies may be interesting for social networks, their users, and how this will affect the cryptocurrency market.

The launch of VKCoin’s internal service from the social network VKontakte, which took place in April of this year, came as a surprise to market participants. Rumors that the social network is developing its cryptocurrency and payment system based on VK Pay have been going on for a long time, but the launch of the “mining application for VKontakte” was a surprise, and only some time later, users were able to determine that this application has to put it mildly, mediated attitude.

However, the high popularity of this application within the social network can not be written off. In my opinion, with its help, VKontakte takes a confident step towards improving users’ literacy not only with respect to the basic concepts of blockchain and crypto active, but also with respect to the use of cryptocurrencies (accumulation, exchange, purchase of certain resources).

If we assume that VKontakte, without warning, would launch its own stablecoin, which would allow users to conduct financial transactions through the VK Pay internal payment system, then the result of such a launch would be directly proportional to the users’ awareness of what cryptocurrency is.

In this case, the correct plan, from the point of view of the development of internal (and, possibly, external) financial transactions using cryptocurrency, could lie on the bad soil.

By launching a gaming application that was instantly picked up by the most visited and popular social network social networks, Vkontakte achieved an initial acquaintance of users with the world of mining and the blockchain, simultaneously analyzing how many users are really interested in this topic.

It can be expected that, based on the analysis carried out, VKontakte will draw the right conclusions regarding the moment and method of implementing its own stablecoin to the social network, which will allow transferring domestic financial operations to a private blockchain.

Speaking about the practical side of using cryptocurrency in social networks, you need to understand that creating tokens for the very fact of using them is a waste. Much more important is the factor of applicability of cryptocurrency in the internal business processes of advertising, commodity circulation and interaction of social network users.

Despite the fact that at the moment there are no exact financial indicators of the turnover of social networks, advertising and marketing are the main sources of income, and with the increase in the cost of advertising, revenue is increasing every year.

The logical method of using stablecoin in social networks will be the transfer of settlements for advertising and products from Fiat to their own cryptocurrency. Moreover, the changes will be painless and beneficial for users who can either withdraw the received cryptocurrency in Fiat or use it for the purpose of earning, for example, by investing in the most promising assets of the cryptocurrency market.

As for the social networks themselves, the obvious advantages for them are entering the cryptocurrency financial market, making money on the commission of their own blockchain network, reducing the costs of internal and external settlements, as well as earning income from the issuance of a secured cryptocurrency, part of which will be distributed within companies. However, the main task to be solved by social networks is centralization, which will inevitably prevail over the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

An audience of 2.5 billion people is a serious base for the development of cryptocurrency within Facebook and WhatsApp messenger. Recently it became known that the social network is working on its own stableblock and private blockchain project called Project Libra, and, as reported, Facebook now intends to raise $ 1 billion to secure its cryptocurrency. The project itself will include not only the infrastructure for the stablecoin, but also the new payment network, and not just a tool for making settlements.

Telegram cannot boast the same number of users and audience coverage as Facebook and WhatsApp (about 300 million users against 2.5 billion), however, the information about the blockchain infrastructure we receive from such an informationally closed project is really impressive.

Unlike Facebook, the TON project plans to move away from the model of accepting tokens as a payment for a specific service (for example, advertising) and is going to offer ready infrastructure to network users. With the help of the Gram project currency, it will be possible to pay for access to the file storage, create smart contracts, develop decentralized applications.

The economic model assumes the turnover of tokens between users, and the Proof of Stake system ensures democratic governance, on the border between centralization and decentralization.

Compared to Facebook, Telegram has much more legal opportunities to fully launch the product, since the jurisdiction in which the project is registered is comfortable for launching blockchain solutions, while Facebook and other social networks and instant messengers will inevitably face legal issues, since developed countries currently took a wait-and-see stance in matters of the regulation of the cryptographic market and are in no hurry to loosen the regulation of the new economic sphere.

Objectively, social network tokenization is the fulfillment of the principle of win-win for both companies and their users. By providing a convenient settlement system based on modern technological solutions, social networks open up new tools for their users to use their usual resources and take an important step towards the digital economy.

The most important aspect of this issue is that the integration of cryptocurrencies into social networks will inevitably lead to an increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain products. Despite the diversity of opinions about the reasons for the rapid growth of the crypto market in 2017 (for example, the reason for the growth was the fraud with Tether’s stableblock), it should be noted that the arrival of many retail traders and investors on the crypto side became an important reason for the exponential growth of Bitcoin and altcoins.

No doubt, as soon as the world’s leading social networks offer their users tokens and cryptocurrencies, the market will respond accordingly, as hundreds of millions of users around the world will become unwitting participants in the crypto market, which has long been expecting a similar reason for further growth.

Will cryptocurrency become the safe asset that humankind has been searching for throughout history

Money does not bring income on the financial results of Apple affects the extremely low yield of 244 billion dollars accumulated in the accounts (the company simply does not know where to invest it). Money can bring a lot of other problems (as the global financial crisis of the past decade has perfectly demonstrated).

The good news is that money is gradually getting better. Thanks to the development of information technologies, their new types are emerging – in particular, cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the financial crisis has stimulated the search for a more reliable “oil” that can lubricate the engine of the global economy. Lawrence Goodman, president of the Center for Financial Stability in New York, says

“Computer achievements in combination with a unique monetary and financial policy have created excellent conditions for the development of cryptocurrencies and other new forms of finance.”

There are two kinds of money. Government money includes bills and coins, plus reserves held by the central bank (the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, etc.).

In contrast, private money includes all capital generated by banks and other financial institutions in the process of issuing loans and credits. This hybrid public-private system works quite reliably until the next financial crisis.

Then people suddenly lose faith in private money, and the authorities have to intervene (as the Fed did, launching many programs to support the banking sector, which suddenly stopped issuing loans). Some experts want to put an end to this unstable symbiosis by switching to private money, others are in favor of the government.

In the chart above, cash only occupies a small corner on the Venn diagram. They are located at the intersection of the Ovals “Widely Available” and “Released by the Central Bank”, and are included in the oval “Tokens-based” along with Bitcoin. “Token-based” means that if you lose your token (a bill or a password in the case of a bitcoin), then you lose money.

A child can drop bills into a shredder, or you accidentally throw a hard drive with a password from a bitcoin wallet, as did James Howells, an IT specialist from Wales. At some point, the value of his bitcoins exceeded $ 100 million, but the city council did not allow Howells to conduct searches at a local landfill.

Bank deposits are located in another part of the money flower. They are widely available and have a digital form, but are not based on tokens and – this is the main difference – the central bank does not issue them.

The bulk of the money in the US and other developed countries is created in private. When a bank approves a loan and transfers it to the company’s account, new money is created that can be spent immediately. At the same time, banks may issue more loans than are available on deposits.

More and more private money is being created entirely outside the banking system with the help of tools such as money market mutual funds. They invest in short-term corporate obligations in the interests of clients who want to get more return from their free funds than banks offer.

Another important source of private money is repo lending. Treasury holders receive short-term loans secured by bonds, agreeing to repurchase them after a fixed time has passed for a slightly higher price.

Private money should receive a significant impetus from the “death” of cash, which has long been predicted. The fact is that cash is the only form of government money available to ordinary people.

In Sweden, where the share of cash payments is only 13%, the central bank is concerned that the disappearance of paper money will allow private banks to control “accessibility, technological improvements, and pricing of existing payment methods.”

This is the head of the bank Stefan Ingves writes in the June edition of the magazine “Finance and Development”, published by the International Monetary Fund. In particular, Ingves notes

“Today, cash takes up its natural place as the only legal tender. But what kind of asset will take this place in a cashless society? ”

Is a world based solely on private money possible? Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts are convinced of this. They cite the Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek, who in 1984 declared

The opposite approach is to strengthen the role of public money. One controversial idea is to allow ordinary people to directly deposit money into the central bank (as long as it is available only to commercial banks).

James McAndrews, former research director at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is suing his former employer for the right to organize the so-called Narrow Bank. He will accept deposits from large investors, transfer money to the Fed and pay investors a percentage that commercial banks receive for keeping their deposits at the Fed (with a small amount retained as remuneration).

On our money flower, the McAndrews concept enters the left gray quadrangle of digital money issued by the central bank, not based on tokens and more available than the reserves of the regulator itself.

One of the problems associated with providing ordinary citizens with access to Fed deposits is that if the idea takes root, then commercial banks will lose deposits.

It will hit credit institutions particularly hard during the financial crisis, investors will look for the safest haven for their capital (national bank). This can lead to a world in which all money is issued by the state.

Some countries are already experimenting with the concept of “reserves for all.” It is also called the “digital currency of the central bank” (CSB). For example, Venezuela released Petro’s cryptocurrency tied to the cost of a barrel of oil. Dubai, Iran, Singapore, and Uruguay are experimenting with digital currencies. China, the United Kingdom, and other countries are exploring the idea. Ecuador, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland have rejected it.

Enhancing the role of public money seems to be a fairly left-wing idea. Joseph Stiglitz, a liberal economist, and a Nobel Prize winner, says it will allow the government to control the ups and downs of the business cycle and even directly lend to certain sectors of the economy.

But some libertarians and conservatives support the concept for very different reasons. John Cochrane, a conservative economist at the Hoover Institute, said public money would put an end to periodic financial crises, during which depositors massively withdraw funds from accounts in commercial banks.

He imagines a digital currency emitted by the government on which interest will accrue. This would solve the problem formulated by conservative economist Milton Friedman, who said that people do not keep enough money because they do not generate any income (unlike other assets). In his book Through the Great Gap, published in 2014, Cochrane writes

The money of one person is always the obligation of another. The statement is true even in the case of dollar bills, they are no longer backed by gold or silver and are obligations of the US government. Private money in your account – it is the obligation of the bank. If obligations are unreliable, you cannot buy anything from them.

Perry Merling, an economist at the School of Global Studies. Frederick Purdy of Boston University believes that the key to improving money is “the ability and willingness of the issuer to fulfill their obligations.”

All these divergences of opinion and valuation show that people are serious about money and their future. Previously, economists considered money as a formal representation of the transactions to be made, so that, for example, a farmer did not have to pay wheat for a plane ticket or asparagus for a haircut.

Then came the financial crisis, caused by a sharp loss of trust in assets that seemed reliable enough to replace the money. In 2016, an economist at Yale University Gary Gorton wrote

If you have just started exploring the world of cryptocurrency, welcome to the AMarkets Trading School all you need to know about the cryptocurrency market and the basics of investment.

Getting started with cryptocurrencies

In order to start making crypto money, we need to open the corresponding wallet. The best option is the exchange EXMO.me. More detailed work with this exchange, we consider separately. Now we are only interested in wallets (although this platform allows trading on difference rates and exchanging cryptocurrency).

After a simple registration, you get access to your personal account (some moments on screenshots I will gloss over. Such as balance, login or wallet numbers. Our security is everything.)

The system automatically generates a wallet number which you can use in the future in order to transfer crypto money to it. The withdraw button has the opposite function.

Enter the number of the wallet to which you want to transfer money and click to withdraw. The system charges a transfer fee of 0.0001 BTC (for example, Bitcoin, in other currencies the commission will be different, but you will be informed about it. As you can see on the screen, this is the left part of the screen).

In the network there are many other wallets and services that offer to store cryptocurrency. I will consider the most interesting ones separately. But in order to start working with cryptocurrency – EXMO.me is currently the most convenient. The transfer fee on most services is the same. EXMO.me is convenient at least in the fact that here you can exchange (sell directly on the stock exchange) cryptocurrencies among themselves, and it is also very easy to get rubles through the qiwi system. All this I will consider in a separate topic / article.

The growth of the cryptocurrency industry is constrained by the lack of regulation

According to the director general of the blockchain of the Gibraltar Gibraltar Nick Cowan, “the lack of EU regulation of the cryptocurrency sphere is a constraint for blockchain innovations. Startups cannot predict their future activities, as they fear possible bans from governments. ”

Cowen made this statement after the EU once again postponed the decision making on regulatory regulation of the cryptocurrency industry.

However, other members of the cryptocurrency community, such as Lisk communications manager Michael Borowitz, are confident that this decision is very reasonable, since “laws adopted today will in the future affect countries outside Europe.”

In general, the issue of regulation has long been acute in the cryptocurrency industry. Many analysts believe that the lack of clear rules for regulating the turnover of digital assets hinders the development of the cryptocurrency industry. In particular, this discourages new investors, who see only bans and sanctions against cryptocurrency start-ups and financial institutions that are trying to launch new products.

However, at the same time, total control and full regulation contradicts the basic ideas of cryptocurrency. However, participants in the cryptocurrency sphere and representatives of regulatory authorities continue to work on a joint solution that would satisfy both parties.

If so, they will continue to put sticks in the wheels, then you can forget about the rapid development as a whole in general and the forecast that in 5-6 years these technologies will find massive demand in all developed countries of the world will not come true.

It is appropriate to say that this is a bubble and all the projects that will be based on the crypt are all at great risk, so there will be no stability here, it seems to me that never.

Unfortunately or fortunately. anyway, it will pass soon and no one else will remember what mining is. Previously, it was not about 20 years ago and nothing terrible. They lived like this without mining and earned differently.

Previously, there were no computers and they did everything without them and without mobile communication, but now it’s all there and you need to be able to use all these advantages.

Of course you need, you just don’t want to waste your time and your money, because it’s still not forever and will end sooner or later, that’s just what it’s not quite clear. There are two options – either a great success, or vice versa.

The question is when did you come to do this and what experience did you have before, because there are a lot of tools now that are not available for free.

But why bother with a cryptocurrency market at all, investments, if you still don’t believe in it? Here you need to do this with great faith in yourself.

Yes, in my opinion there is more than enough here and you don’t need to invent anything. I want to have a lot of projects, so that everything develops and does not stand still.

Sometimes it is possible to risk very strongly in order to be always ahead of the others, but for this you need to be very firmly secured so that in one case you don’t merge it all.

I personally always appreciate the sober situation and will never invest in something that I will never believe in. So you can try, but if you are not satisfied with any results in the first year, then you need to change something.

This year Bitcoin has died 90 times.

Bitcoin skeptics often like to exaggerate the problems associated with the first cryptocurrency. Especially negative exclamations occur during the price fall, which is observed throughout the whole 2018. Moreover, the history is constantly repeated, and only individuals who criticize Bitcoin change, but the meaning of their statements remains unchanged. This has been the case throughout 2014 2015 and the same trend has been observed throughout the current year. According to 99 Bitcoins, in 2018, the first cryptocurrency “died” 90 times. However, this figure has not yet reached the record of 2017, when Bitcoin was buried 125 times.

Despite the skeptics’ attempts to bury the first cryptocurrency, judging by Google’s requests, “trend” is only gaining popularity. And what is interesting is that, along with the fall in prices, search engine requests are also falling, however, as the Google Trends resource shows, along with a sharp decline in quotations in mid-November, requests began to grow and reached local peaks.

At the end of November, the weekly number of searches with the word “Bitcoin” worldwide reached the mark that was previously recorded in April 2018. Taking into account this fact, it is possible to state with confidence that Bitcoin, on the contrary, is just beginning to gain worldwide popularity and the cryptocurrency industry is unlikely (at least in the near future) to die.

But, despite the obvious facts, evil tongues still repeatedly try to predict the quick demise of Bitcoin. For example, professor of finance at the University of Santa Clara, Atulya Sarin, stated in early December that Bitcoin would never succeed in taking the place of gold in terms of means of accumulation, therefore, cryptocurrency enthusiasts should not use the first coin at all.

President of the investment firm Creative Planning. Peter Mallouk expressed support for this, calling Bitcoin “the walking dead” in his article for Forbes, which was published in the second week of December.

The president of Creative Planning also added that soon there will be only a history of Bitcoin, which future generations will consider in textbooks on finance. There he will be mentioned in order to warn young people about the dangers of trusting “the bullshit of fanatics who are desperately trying to sew a coat of hedgehog”.

However, it is worth noting that not only outsiders from the cryptocurrency space people declare the imminent death of Bitcoin. Such personalities are also present among “our own”, for example, Calvin Ayre, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who in the past was a supporter of Bitcoin Cash, and now an adherent of an alternative version of Bitcoin SV. In mid-December, he made a statement that next year the first cryptocurrency will drop to zero.

Despite such loud statements, Bitcoin is still alive and, moreover, it is actively developing. Moreover, it is worth noting that even the most ardent critics point out the high potential of the blockchain – the revolutionary technology that underlies the cryptocurrencies. As the end of the “black year for cryptocurrency” is approaching, one can more and more hear statements from industry insiders, who mostly have positive expectations about the next year. It should be an unprecedented expansion of the industry, which will be caused by the growth of institutional investments.

Right. It’s too early to sell equipment, because there are a lot of chances that everything will come back again and that the course will be very good. You need to believe in the best.

Sorry, but this level has never gone down and it’s the saddest thing that can be, so I think that more than a dozen times it can happen.

Last year, Bitcoin in particular experienced a lot of changes and even took the fact that it grew to the highest level in its history. It also says a lot.

So far, compared to last year’s data at the end of December, the course has not changed much, but still scares the opinion of experts who believe that Bitcoin will slide to zero.

So what contributed to this and why is the price of Bitcoin now, as we see now? Events that occur in the world and predict the course in advance.

Let it be forever now that Bitcoin will observe and write its own forecasts and views, because the cryptocurrency is still very strong and many people have raised very good states.

If only this year he did not die completely. Already, very few people hope for him so that by 100 percent, but still many still retain intrigue.

I read information today on various sources and still there are analysts who believe that it will grow, despite what is happening with it now.

New hidden miner for Mac computers detected

The blog of Malwarebytes, a cyber-security company, has a post that says about a new virus infecting Mac computers with the hidden miner of cryptocurrency Monero (XMR).

About the threat to users of Apple products said the director of Malwarebytes for Mac and mobile devices, Thomas Reed. According to him, on computers that have managed to penetrate the virus and launch the “mshelper” process, a hidden mining program is launched that mines Monero cryptocurrency in favor of an unknown intruder.

The “mshelper” process itself is harmless and easy to remove, but while it works, much of the processing power of the processor is spent on mining.

“We’ve learned about the problem from posts on Apple’s forums where users complained about the“ mshelper ”malicious process, which is beginning to devour the processor’s computing resources. This program is not complicated and is deleted without any problems. We studied the behavior of this virus and found several more suspicious processes and copies of the virus, ”said Reed.

The virus consists of three parts of the dropper (media program that installs malware), the launcher and the miner itself, created on the basis of XMRig with open source.

So far, Malwarebytes experts cannot say for sure which program is a dropper, but as a rule these are fake installers of the Adobe Flash Player, although there may be other installation programs.

It is known that the program “pplauncher”, which installs the miner on the victim’s computer, is written in the Golang language, which is a rather strange choice. According to Reed, “using this language for such a simple task is a sign that the person who did this is not familiar with the Mac.”

At the end, Reed noted that “recently there has been an increased activity of miner viruses for both Mac and Windows. And yet, although I do not consider such software to be good, I would prefer to get infected with a miner than any other malicious program. ”

People, tell me, if information suddenly began to disappear from the computer – does this mean that the virus? Even in the file recovery program they are not there.

Thank God, I don’t have a Mac, and I’m not upset, because I’m standing like a downed plane, but in fact I’m probably more vulnerable than a regular computer with Chinese iron inside.

Inside the MAC there is also iron, as in ordinary computers, except that it is better balanced and of higher quality, although you can assemble it yourself. It’s all about the system. You can also put it yourself. And the vulnerability of MacOS is much better than Windows.

So far, I have experienced the IOS operating system, and this is much better than the same banal Android. Whatever they say. I think that in the case of comparison with Windows, there will also be about the same difference.

To whom it is convenient, he uses such an operating system on his mobile gadgets. It is good when there is something to compare with the market, and monopoly does not work.

maybe But I don’t have free money yet to check it. I have a phone in general, a clamshell dialer Everything I need on my tablet, but since that’s how android

Now for sure no one will buy MAC computers just because they are vulnerable. If you do not use the Internet, but whatever computer you use, you will still be safe.

So no one says that they buy it for mining. Here it is different, that any computer can be used for mining. This is what these viruses are written for. I infected 10 100 thousand computers and now you already have a decent increase

Do not rush to rejoice, especially those who have Windows. It’s still more of such people, because only very wealthy people or those who need it more for work can afford the MAS.

Well, it would not be entirely advisable to use such a system on a regular PC, because a bunch of services are built in there that simply won’t work for you if you don’t use any other Apple hardware at all.

In the ePl technique, the same components as in the PC. No there is nothing special. MacOS is put on any hardware and will work in the same way as on MAC. Just Apple very carefully selects the hardware for their computers.

As far as I can remember, it was always the case that the operating system was subjected to some kind of attacks and this is normal, otherwise there would be nothing to develop at all. It would be boring, probably.

No problem. Now you can cure any virus, so do not worry. The most important thing is that everything is fine with the iron. And everything else is nonsense.

Bitcoin Income investment in cryptocurrency from 3% to 5% per day

Another investment company that is engaged in making money on cryptocurrency trading. At least they say so. You can start earning by investing just 0.001 BTC.

Accruals are every day. You can also display every day. I have already received the first payment from 0.02 BTC. Dropped 0.0006, but it came 0.0005999. One satos squeezed. Then put on a reinvest.

My opinion on this project is that 10 and 60 day plans can still survive. And then on small deposits. A 180 day plan is unlikely to give you back fixed assets. (Although at the expense of 60 days, I also doubt)

Thank you for explaining in such detail how to work with this project. I think that if you can start with such a minimum in terms of investment and earn money already, this is very good and you should definitely try.

You can start earning with a small investment, but it will still be better to invest in large or at least a little more than the allowed minimum. This guarantees a large income.

Not always long-term investments with large amounts bring a mandatory large income. If you do something wrong, then you will not receive the invested funds back, but also depends on the project itself whether it will pay or not.

The project is good, it’s a pity that I don’t have enough courage to start something. If you share information about this project, then there is something interesting in it, which means you should take a closer look. Thank you

If you do not have the courage, but you acknowledge it, then you still have the courage to admit it, which is already quite good. In general, I advise you to start all the same with what, today and now and then doubts will go away

Despite the fact that you have described everything in such detail, I don’t really know how to choose a profitable tariff plan. for 180 days, nevertheless, I will not threaten, probably …

It would be good to go through all these tariff plans, compare the results with each other and draw the appropriate conclusions) But in general it is three times more risky, so you need to choose something.

I just recently thought about whether it matters how to mine cryptocurrency, do it by mining or by investment platforms … So far, it has not been determined. Probably all the ways at once the best))

In this project from May 1. Twice already used the short tariff plan, funds with profit successfully withdrawn. Now I left only a trifle on the medium and long tariff plans, with 100% reinvestment. If you can still bring it out – well, and if the project is “bent”, I won’t lose anything.

This is good when you manage to take your own from the project, and also take a little from above, if it turns out. Well, then, if there is still the likelihood of something else to get, it’s generally cool. Need to try.

If you have already managed to return the investments in May and take the profit, it means that it is very good. I have not considered such projects before, but now I’m starting to think.

Is it an advertisement or a reality? Such a screen can be done in any photo editor. For confidence, I would like to see a video recording, it will be more truthful.

There’s really nothing else to do, how to edit screenshots. Yesterday I took the risk of pouring more than 0.011 BTC for a short time. I think that while it works, you need to use it.

Cryptocurrency trading is no less interesting process than cryptocurrency mining. It is also interesting and important, and you can earn money from it. If you invest correctly you can very easily get your share of bitcoins.

Well, yes, but it is not enough to charge it for sale, you need to come up with other tools that could signal a price movement relative to other currencies.

Well, it pays 3% of the amount that you invest correctly? It does not happen that on small volumes they pay normally, but as soon as you invest a decent amount of bitcoins, then what kind of pitfalls will immediately come up?

I liked the fact that the investment period is relatively not large and you can try to invest, the amounts are not so big to be checked.

Analysis of the cryptocurrency market on March 30, 2019

The cryptocurrency market continues to be in a sluggish state. Despite the fact that now once again we are seeing how the cost of cryptocurrency once again falls to the bottom, there is no reason for panic. The cost of Bitcoin continues to walk in the corridor of 6,000 10,000 and so far there are no special reasons to leave this zone.

Under pressure from regulators, cryptocurrencies continue to lose ground. This is especially evident in the altcoin market. I already wrote last time about the fact that Bitcoin falls and returns, but the Altcoins are losing more and more each time.

The bitcoin channel is now quite wide – it is from 6000 at the lower border and up to 10,000 at the top. Plus / minus a couple of dollars. However, if you look at the Altcoins, then everything is very bad there now, although it is not critical.

The broadcast has already dropped below the price level of last summer, whence it began its ascent later. If we talk about the profitability of mining this cryptocurrency – the price is now at the level of payback, but I will tell you about it in the next topic. If we talk about trading – now is the time to buy.

This coin as well as the previous one is now at its lows, if we talk about what was the maximum just a couple of months ago. If Aether sank three times, then Litecoin fell 4 times. Many reasonably associated this with the closure of the still not running LitePay project, which offered its users to buy goods for Litecoin and pay for services, and also offered a debit card in LTC. But the general downward trend of course also takes its toll. But it will be the main driver.

That’s who who, and ripl slightly slowed down in terms of the fall. But it is understandable, since the current price is the past maximum of this cryptocurrency. About half a year ago, the average price of a ripla was 20.25 cents. 45 48 – these were the maximums, from which the coin went later in growth and where many were purchased. Hence the level. Many still do not want to sell the coin for what they bought. But personally, I never believed in this coin, which is not even a cryptocurrency and I do not see any prospects for its growth, which is possible only at the next market rush.

As I have already said, Bitcoin is walking in a channel of 6000 10,000 and in my opinion will remain there for the next few months. The deterioration of the situation is not yet considered, since at 6000 there is strong support from purchases. In addition, a decrease in Bitcoin to 4000-5000 levels is already the level of production costs of this cryptocurrency. If we get there, then we can already safely panic as the shutdowns of mining equipment begin, which so many now work at idle.

In general, the market capitalization today has gone down below $ 300 billion, and in many respects precisely because of the Altcoins, which are getting cheaper with Bitcoin, but they are becoming more and more reluctant. If you are a risky trader or you have free money that you would like to invest in cryptocurrency, then now it seems to me the right time.

Thank you, useful information, but of course, the Altcoins, namely BCN, are more interested in it, but according to it, I already think that now is the time to buy, since this year those who have it will be very pleased.

BCN took off only due to the growth of bitokin and the entire market as a whole. As for me – they are of no interest. Near the very 3000 of these coins. Hold on to the next wave

3000 is about anything, you need at least 1,000,000 BCN, then there will be a sense. And considering their cost, in the region of 30 satoshes, it is not so difficult to accumulate. In the last wave took them at 0.065 rubles. leaked at 0.85 rubles. most part, was quite pleased with himself. But I made a conclusion for myself that it is better to have a sum not with three zeros, but with six.

Considering that I didn’t put any practical effort on their mining, they don’t pressure me in the general portfolio. I don’t plan to buy them, because the farther away, the more unpredictably the alts behave, especially such as BCN. It is better to have 3 5x profit, but minimal risks, than the ephemeral probability x10 20, but with extreme risks.