Awesome Bitcoin How to buy tickets for cryptocurrency

The May holidays have already arrived, which means that summer will come soon – a hot time for vacations. But most of those who go on a trip face the same problem – currency exchange. You have to 1) decide in advance exactly how much money to change 2) take care of their safety (hide in a suitcase/wallet/ passport) 3) and, of course, pay the bank a fee for the exchange. But the emergence of Bitcoin (and its increased popularity) has changed everything.

The tourism industry has succeeded noticeably in the implementation of cryptocurrencies. However, there are not too many airlines that accept bitcoins (EXANTE Bitcoin) directly. Here are the most popular ones. (What to do if you did not find the company you are interested in in this list – read below.)

This Latvian company became the first airline to start accepting bitcoins. The innovation was introduced in July 2014, when Bitcoin alone cost about $ 600. Today, for cryptocurrency, you can buy tickets to 60 destinations, including Europe, the Middle East, the CIS countries and Russia. A bonus in 2018, analysts from OAG called airBaltic the most punctual airline in the world.

Star Jets International began accepting bitcoins in October 2017. This American company leases business jets for private flights. Domestically, customers have access to 5 thousand jets and about 15 thousand jets all over the world.

In December 2017, the California-based airline Surf Air announced the possibility of making payment for membership fees and charter services in bitcoins and ethers. This carrier operates according to the “all you can fly” model – for a monthly subscription, passengers can travel as much as they like.

In March 2018, Far Eastern Air, a carrier from Taiwan, also switched to bitcoins. Remember this company if you are thinking of traveling in East and Southeast Asia. Far Eastern Air flies to Japan, China, Cambodia, the Philippines, South Korea, and, of course, Taiwan.

TAR is a small Mexican carrier. The airline fleet of this company consists of only 12 aircraft that fly to 25 cities in Mexico. But here they accept Bitcoins – thanks to the cooperation with companies such as Openpay and BitPay.

If you have not found the airline you are interested in on this list, you still have the opportunity to buy its tickets for cryptocurrency – with the help of specialized agencies. In addition to tickets, you can book hotels or rent a car (also for Bitcoins). Here are the most popular of these companies.

If these options do not suit you, we offer two more ways to go on a journey for Bitcoins. However, they are suitable only for very wealthy people.

For example, the cheapest flight from Moscow to New York on a light turboprop aircraft will cost you $ 32,580 (and this does not include an intermediate landing for refueling). The most expensive option – with renting a whole airliner – will cost $ 197,080.

The cost of a ticket for shorter flights, of course, will be lower. So, traveling from London to Paris (one of the most popular destinations) on a light jet will cost only $ 4,100. Note prices are in dollars, but the company offers the possibility of payment using bitcoins.

The second option is even more extravagant because here we are talking about tickets … into space! Of course, Richard Branson could not stay away from cryptocurrency. Back in 2013, he invited everyone to go to orbit on the Virgin Galactic shuttle. The ticket costs 36 BTC (250 thousand dollars). The Winklevoss brothers have already ordered SpaceShipTwo tickets. The price seems to be quite adequate for a flight to height, from which you can see the Earth in all its glory and splendor.