Getting started with cryptocurrencies

In order to start making crypto money, we need to open the corresponding wallet. The best option is the exchange More detailed work with this exchange, we consider separately. Now we are only interested in wallets (although this platform allows trading on difference rates and exchanging cryptocurrency).

After a simple registration, you get access to your personal account (some moments on screenshots I will gloss over. Such as balance, login or wallet numbers. Our security is everything.)

The system automatically generates a wallet number which you can use in the future in order to transfer crypto money to it. The withdraw button has the opposite function.

Enter the number of the wallet to which you want to transfer money and click to withdraw. The system charges a transfer fee of 0.0001 BTC (for example, Bitcoin, in other currencies the commission will be different, but you will be informed about it. As you can see on the screen, this is the left part of the screen).

In the network there are many other wallets and services that offer to store cryptocurrency. I will consider the most interesting ones separately. But in order to start working with cryptocurrency – is currently the most convenient. The transfer fee on most services is the same. is convenient at least in the fact that here you can exchange (sell directly on the stock exchange) cryptocurrencies among themselves, and it is also very easy to get rubles through the qiwi system. All this I will consider in a separate topic / article.