The growth of the cryptocurrency industry is constrained by the lack of regulation

According to the director general of the blockchain of the Gibraltar Gibraltar Nick Cowan, “the lack of EU regulation of the cryptocurrency sphere is a constraint for blockchain innovations. Startups cannot predict their future activities, as they fear possible bans from governments. ”

Cowen made this statement after the EU once again postponed the decision making on regulatory regulation of the cryptocurrency industry.

However, other members of the cryptocurrency community, such as Lisk communications manager Michael Borowitz, are confident that this decision is very reasonable, since “laws adopted today will in the future affect countries outside Europe.”

In general, the issue of regulation has long been acute in the cryptocurrency industry. Many analysts believe that the lack of clear rules for regulating the turnover of digital assets hinders the development of the cryptocurrency industry. In particular, this discourages new investors, who see only bans and sanctions against cryptocurrency start-ups and financial institutions that are trying to launch new products.

However, at the same time, total control and full regulation contradicts the basic ideas of cryptocurrency. However, participants in the cryptocurrency sphere and representatives of regulatory authorities continue to work on a joint solution that would satisfy both parties.

If so, they will continue to put sticks in the wheels, then you can forget about the rapid development as a whole in general and the forecast that in 5-6 years these technologies will find massive demand in all developed countries of the world will not come true.

It is appropriate to say that this is a bubble and all the projects that will be based on the crypt are all at great risk, so there will be no stability here, it seems to me that never.

Unfortunately or fortunately. anyway, it will pass soon and no one else will remember what mining is. Previously, it was not about 20 years ago and nothing terrible. They lived like this without mining and earned differently.

Previously, there were no computers and they did everything without them and without mobile communication, but now it’s all there and you need to be able to use all these advantages.

Of course you need, you just don’t want to waste your time and your money, because it’s still not forever and will end sooner or later, that’s just what it’s not quite clear. There are two options – either a great success, or vice versa.

The question is when did you come to do this and what experience did you have before, because there are a lot of tools now that are not available for free.

But why bother with a cryptocurrency market at all, investments, if you still don’t believe in it? Here you need to do this with great faith in yourself.

Yes, in my opinion there is more than enough here and you don’t need to invent anything. I want to have a lot of projects, so that everything develops and does not stand still.

Sometimes it is possible to risk very strongly in order to be always ahead of the others, but for this you need to be very firmly secured so that in one case you don’t merge it all.

I personally always appreciate the sober situation and will never invest in something that I will never believe in. So you can try, but if you are not satisfied with any results in the first year, then you need to change something.