Bitcoin skeptics often like to exaggerate the problems associated with the first cryptocurrency. Especially negative exclamations occur during the price fall, which is observed throughout the whole 2018. Moreover, the history is constantly repeated, and only individuals who criticize Bitcoin change, but the meaning of their statements remains unchanged. This has been the case throughout 2014 2015 and the same trend has been observed throughout the current year. According to 99 Bitcoins, in 2018, the first cryptocurrency “died” 90 times. However, this figure has not yet reached the record of 2017, when Bitcoin was buried 125 times.

Despite the skeptics’ attempts to bury the first cryptocurrency, judging by Google’s requests, “trend” is only gaining popularity. And what is interesting is that, along with the fall in prices, search engine requests are also falling, however, as the Google Trends resource shows, along with a sharp decline in quotations in mid-November, requests began to grow and reached local peaks.

At the end of November, the weekly number of searches with the word “Bitcoin” worldwide reached the mark that was previously recorded in April 2018. Taking into account this fact, it is possible to state with confidence that Bitcoin, on the contrary, is just beginning to gain worldwide popularity and the cryptocurrency industry is unlikely (at least in the near future) to die.

But, despite the obvious facts, evil tongues still repeatedly try to predict the quick demise of Bitcoin. For example, professor of finance at the University of Santa Clara, Atulya Sarin, stated in early December that Bitcoin would never succeed in taking the place of gold in terms of means of accumulation, therefore, cryptocurrency enthusiasts should not use the first coin at all.

President of the investment firm Creative Planning. Peter Mallouk expressed support for this, calling Bitcoin “the walking dead” in his article for Forbes, which was published in the second week of December.

The president of Creative Planning also added that soon there will be only a history of Bitcoin, which future generations will consider in textbooks on finance. There he will be mentioned in order to warn young people about the dangers of trusting “the bullshit of fanatics who are desperately trying to sew a coat of hedgehog”.

However, it is worth noting that not only outsiders from the cryptocurrency space people declare the imminent death of Bitcoin. Such personalities are also present among “our own”, for example, Calvin Ayre, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who in the past was a supporter of Bitcoin Cash, and now an adherent of an alternative version of Bitcoin SV. In mid-December, he made a statement that next year the first cryptocurrency will drop to zero.

Despite such loud statements, Bitcoin is still alive and, moreover, it is actively developing. Moreover, it is worth noting that even the most ardent critics point out the high potential of the blockchain – the revolutionary technology that underlies the cryptocurrencies. As the end of the “black year for cryptocurrency” is approaching, one can more and more hear statements from industry insiders, who mostly have positive expectations about the next year. It should be an unprecedented expansion of the industry, which will be caused by the growth of institutional investments.

Right. It’s too early to sell equipment, because there are a lot of chances that everything will come back again and that the course will be very good. You need to believe in the best.

Sorry, but this level has never gone down and it’s the saddest thing that can be, so I think that more than a dozen times it can happen.

Last year, Bitcoin in particular experienced a lot of changes and even took the fact that it grew to the highest level in its history. It also says a lot.

So far, compared to last year’s data at the end of December, the course has not changed much, but still scares the opinion of experts who believe that Bitcoin will slide to zero.

So what contributed to this and why is the price of Bitcoin now, as we see now? Events that occur in the world and predict the course in advance.

Let it be forever now that Bitcoin will observe and write its own forecasts and views, because the cryptocurrency is still very strong and many people have raised very good states.

If only this year he did not die completely. Already, very few people hope for him so that by 100 percent, but still many still retain intrigue.

I read information today on various sources and still there are analysts who believe that it will grow, despite what is happening with it now.