New hidden miner for Mac computers detected

The blog of Malwarebytes, a cyber-security company, has a post that says about a new virus infecting Mac computers with the hidden miner of cryptocurrency Monero (XMR).

About the threat to users of Apple products said the director of Malwarebytes for Mac and mobile devices, Thomas Reed. According to him, on computers that have managed to penetrate the virus and launch the “mshelper” process, a hidden mining program is launched that mines Monero cryptocurrency in favor of an unknown intruder.

The “mshelper” process itself is harmless and easy to remove, but while it works, much of the processing power of the processor is spent on mining.

“We’ve learned about the problem from posts on Apple’s forums where users complained about the“ mshelper ”malicious process, which is beginning to devour the processor’s computing resources. This program is not complicated and is deleted without any problems. We studied the behavior of this virus and found several more suspicious processes and copies of the virus, ”said Reed.

The virus consists of three parts of the dropper (media program that installs malware), the launcher and the miner itself, created on the basis of XMRig with open source.

So far, Malwarebytes experts cannot say for sure which program is a dropper, but as a rule these are fake installers of the Adobe Flash Player, although there may be other installation programs.

It is known that the program “pplauncher”, which installs the miner on the victim’s computer, is written in the Golang language, which is a rather strange choice. According to Reed, “using this language for such a simple task is a sign that the person who did this is not familiar with the Mac.”

At the end, Reed noted that “recently there has been an increased activity of miner viruses for both Mac and Windows. And yet, although I do not consider such software to be good, I would prefer to get infected with a miner than any other malicious program. ”

People, tell me, if information suddenly began to disappear from the computer – does this mean that the virus? Even in the file recovery program they are not there.

Thank God, I don’t have a Mac, and I’m not upset, because I’m standing like a downed plane, but in fact I’m probably more vulnerable than a regular computer with Chinese iron inside.

Inside the MAC there is also iron, as in ordinary computers, except that it is better balanced and of higher quality, although you can assemble it yourself. It’s all about the system. You can also put it yourself. And the vulnerability of MacOS is much better than Windows.

So far, I have experienced the IOS operating system, and this is much better than the same banal Android. Whatever they say. I think that in the case of comparison with Windows, there will also be about the same difference.

To whom it is convenient, he uses such an operating system on his mobile gadgets. It is good when there is something to compare with the market, and monopoly does not work.

maybe But I don’t have free money yet to check it. I have a phone in general, a clamshell dialer Everything I need on my tablet, but since that’s how android

Now for sure no one will buy MAC computers just because they are vulnerable. If you do not use the Internet, but whatever computer you use, you will still be safe.

So no one says that they buy it for mining. Here it is different, that any computer can be used for mining. This is what these viruses are written for. I infected 10 100 thousand computers and now you already have a decent increase

Do not rush to rejoice, especially those who have Windows. It’s still more of such people, because only very wealthy people or those who need it more for work can afford the MAS.

Well, it would not be entirely advisable to use such a system on a regular PC, because a bunch of services are built in there that simply won’t work for you if you don’t use any other Apple hardware at all.

In the ePl technique, the same components as in the PC. No there is nothing special. MacOS is put on any hardware and will work in the same way as on MAC. Just Apple very carefully selects the hardware for their computers.

As far as I can remember, it was always the case that the operating system was subjected to some kind of attacks and this is normal, otherwise there would be nothing to develop at all. It would be boring, probably.

No problem. Now you can cure any virus, so do not worry. The most important thing is that everything is fine with the iron. And everything else is nonsense.