Analysis of the cryptocurrency market on March 30, 2019

The cryptocurrency market continues to be in a sluggish state. Despite the fact that now once again we are seeing how the cost of cryptocurrency once again falls to the bottom, there is no reason for panic. The cost of Bitcoin continues to walk in the corridor of 6,000 10,000 and so far there are no special reasons to leave this zone.

Under pressure from regulators, cryptocurrencies continue to lose ground. This is especially evident in the altcoin market. I already wrote last time about the fact that Bitcoin falls and returns, but the Altcoins are losing more and more each time.

The bitcoin channel is now quite wide – it is from 6000 at the lower border and up to 10,000 at the top. Plus / minus a couple of dollars. However, if you look at the Altcoins, then everything is very bad there now, although it is not critical.

The broadcast has already dropped below the price level of last summer, whence it began its ascent later. If we talk about the profitability of mining this cryptocurrency – the price is now at the level of payback, but I will tell you about it in the next topic. If we talk about trading – now is the time to buy.

This coin as well as the previous one is now at its lows, if we talk about what was the maximum just a couple of months ago. If Aether sank three times, then Litecoin fell 4 times. Many reasonably associated this with the closure of the still not running LitePay project, which offered its users to buy goods for Litecoin and pay for services, and also offered a debit card in LTC. But the general downward trend of course also takes its toll. But it will be the main driver.

That’s who who, and ripl slightly slowed down in terms of the fall. But it is understandable, since the current price is the past maximum of this cryptocurrency. About half a year ago, the average price of a ripla was 20.25 cents. 45 48 – these were the maximums, from which the coin went later in growth and where many were purchased. Hence the level. Many still do not want to sell the coin for what they bought. But personally, I never believed in this coin, which is not even a cryptocurrency and I do not see any prospects for its growth, which is possible only at the next market rush.

As I have already said, Bitcoin is walking in a channel of 6000 10,000 and in my opinion will remain there for the next few months. The deterioration of the situation is not yet considered, since at 6000 there is strong support from purchases. In addition, a decrease in Bitcoin to 4000-5000 levels is already the level of production costs of this cryptocurrency. If we get there, then we can already safely panic as the shutdowns of mining equipment begin, which so many now work at idle.

In general, the market capitalization today has gone down below $ 300 billion, and in many respects precisely because of the Altcoins, which are getting cheaper with Bitcoin, but they are becoming more and more reluctant. If you are a risky trader or you have free money that you would like to invest in cryptocurrency, then now it seems to me the right time.

Thank you, useful information, but of course, the Altcoins, namely BCN, are more interested in it, but according to it, I already think that now is the time to buy, since this year those who have it will be very pleased.

BCN took off only due to the growth of bitokin and the entire market as a whole. As for me – they are of no interest. Near the very 3000 of these coins. Hold on to the next wave

3000 is about anything, you need at least 1,000,000 BCN, then there will be a sense. And considering their cost, in the region of 30 satoshes, it is not so difficult to accumulate. In the last wave took them at 0.065 rubles. leaked at 0.85 rubles. most part, was quite pleased with himself. But I made a conclusion for myself that it is better to have a sum not with three zeros, but with six.

Considering that I didn’t put any practical effort on their mining, they don’t pressure me in the general portfolio. I don’t plan to buy them, because the farther away, the more unpredictably the alts behave, especially such as BCN. It is better to have 3 5x profit, but minimal risks, than the ephemeral probability x10 20, but with extreme risks.