10 commandments for a successful businesswoman

How is it going in the world of female entrepreneurs? Great! Women are the owners of 11.3 million of U.S. businesses. What is more, they are continuously growing in strength as since 2007 the number of women entrepreneurs has gone up by 45%. Female entrepreneurship is developing five times faster than the general U.S. average. These facts show that women are finally getting into the world of entrepreneurship and they do it fiercely and with will to fight.

Unfortunately, there is still some space for improvement. Sad statistics say that female owners usually employ only one more worker and their earnings are much smaller than these of the average private business in U.S. What should we do now? Aim higher and work harder.

Development is a part of our lives and we must be prepared for many periods of hard times and obstacles which cannot stop us but help us grow. One of possible options for finding motivation is to keep in touch with other powerful women and to profit from their experience and knowledge. Here we present some motivating advice given by successful women which may inspire and build you up.

Useful tips

  • Tiana Patrice pinpoints that being oneself is crucial. Stop making comparisons and avoid thinking about failure. Your business is yours, you are unique and so is the business you own. Try to surround yourself with things that help you keep being motivated and optimistic.
  • For Tandee A. Salter confidence is necessary. Feel confident in who you are and what you doin your own individual way.
  • Jai Stone advises you to do what you love and what gives you money at the same time. However, forget about doing only things you like and which give you pleasure. Making money involves doing things you just HAVE TO do not only those you love.
  • Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux believes that to succeed you must leave aside the perfectionism. Nobody is perfect, be effective at the first place. Moreover, as Maleeka T. Hollaway says, you should focus on one thing you do well and avoid being a superwoman doing many different things at the same time.
  • For Danielle Davis it is a hard work which brings success. You must be strong and fight for your business.
  • Kiarra Solomon claims that having a family does not blight your career. Do not choose one, have both! You do not have to sacrifice family to become a businesswoman.
  • Jenenne Macklin warns that developing your company may take much more time than you expected. You must be prepared for difficulties and become your own cheerleader for the hurdle times.
  • You cannot remain in a shade. According to Audria Richmond, it is good marketing which keeps your business alive.
  • Shayla Locklea encourages to remain different and unconventional. Your business is special because it is yours. You do not have to follow anyone, just trust your intuition. Also Pamela J. Booker reminds that trust in oneself while making any business decisions is invaluable.
  • Have breaks. As Katrina L. Alexander advises, avoid making important decisions when you are in a bad physical or psychological condition.